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Introducing Rob Martinus, Our New Principal Consultant!

We have officially launched our Auckland HQ — led by our new Principal Consultant, Rob! We’ve been building a pretty solid reputation as an IT recruitment agency here in Wellington. So much so, that our clients up in Auckland have been bugging us about filling roles up there too. We pride ourselves on delivering that...
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This is team Socialite

Quite proud of our team – including our ‘newbie’ Sam Hooper (Hoops).  He fits right in!!  We have tried and tested him like you wouldn’t believe – and he is still coming back for more. This is TEAM SOCIALITE.  Welcome aboard Sammy boy… its a pleasure working with you and you are already proving your...
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Sureca’s 1st Socialite Birthday

We are stoked to acknowledge Sureca’s 1 year birthday with us at Socialite… she is our perfect Socialite personality – a little annoying at times, a little eccentric but works bloody hard and really knows her shit. Heres to many more Sureca (sorry, this should have been posted 2 weeks ago)
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Super tech recruiter joins Socialite NZ

Today we welcomed our new super technical Recruiter – Raveesh “the RavMan” Baskaran. Rav fits right in – a little bit crazy, some weird ideas – but an excellent thirst for tech – and the education and technical development experience to go with it. He has recruited from US and Christchurch historically so this guy really...
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