Introducing Rob Martinus, Our New Principal Consultant!

We have officially launched our Auckland HQ — led by our new Principal Consultant, Rob!

We’ve been building a pretty solid reputation as an IT recruitment agency here in Wellington. So much so, that our clients up in Auckland have been bugging us about filling roles up there too. We pride ourselves on delivering that personal, high quality service that the bigger agencies aren’t able to provide. Though we’ve always been happy in the past to work with clients on their positions in Auckland, we’re aware that we weren’t always in the strongest position to do so, being based down in Wellington.

Now, with Rob on the team, we have never been in a better position to build upon our existing network in Auckland. Forget the impersonal phone call or Skype meeting; Auckland is Rob’s stomping ground, having spent the majority of his career there shaking down trees.

Rob moved to NZ from Manchester (UK) in 2005, and ran his own recruitment company in Auckland for over a decade — so he knows how to get shit done! Now he’s the face of our operations in Auckland, leading our digital and technology team there and flying the Socialite flag high enough to block out the sun!

When Rob’s not being a recruitment machine, you’ll find him watching the footy and spending quality time with his kids. And if you can’t find him, he’s probably off adventuring on a big mountain trek.

So don’t hesitate to harass Rob if you’re on the market for the best talent in Auckland! He likes a good hustle!

In the meantime, we are also keeping an eye out
for the perfect candidate manager to join Rob in Auckland.

Candidate Manager Wanted

We’re not like the big recruitment agencies. No churn and burn, and we don’t do “corporate”. We form connections as individuals, and pride ourselves on quality and our awesome culture. We are flexible yet simple. No pretentious bells and whistles here; we invest authentically and heavily in our team and our brand. You’ll also have the chance to do some cool stuff with us as a team… None of this “let’s go out for dinner and drinks” crap. We’re more like, “hey, let’s go rock climbing, take a charter fishing, or maybe even skydiving”! We have too much energy to quietly sit around a table for too long.

So, if any of that sounds like it could be of interest to you… get in touch!

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