Erin Kelly

Erin Kelly

Co-Founder & Principal Consultant

Co-Founder & Principal Consultant of Socialite, Erin is the Operations Director & backbone of the company. Erin’s aim is to remove the barriers that divide the “recruiter” from the client during the recruitment process by harnessing the RPO model & offering onsite account management solutions.

In addition, Erin also offers end-to-end recruitment to her service portfolio, including targeted search, retained assignments & can help scale project teams on a contingent basis.

Her agency experience spans across London, Australia & New Zealand with a broad understanding of technology. She is fantastic at sourcing hard to find skills that many just simply give up on.

When she isn’t doing her day job, you’ll find her in the gym punching the crap out of a boxing bag, running or juggling her second job of negotiating between her two little boys.