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As the New Zealand landscape becomes increasingly digital, the demand for digital design skills is set to skyrocket. Companies are beginning to realise that it’s no longer enough to just provide customers with digital platforms, but they must offer a user-friendly interface and craft a user experience that is both engaging and frictionless from beginning to end.

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We’re digital specialists, so we get it. Unlike some recruiters, we understand how each UX role differs from the next. Whether your background is graphic design, marketing, development, or research, the path you took to get to UX will have seen you pick up different skill sets along the way. UX roles aren’t one-size-fits-all and we take the time to understand what it is you’re looking for in your next role.

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Careers in UX Design

As technology continues to rapidly evolve (and, with it, the user interfaces), user experience designers need to keep up with the pace. Adapting and up-skilling to suit the needs of today’s —and tomorrow’s— user. The future of the user interface goes beyond the screen; and takes the form of voice, chatbots, artificial intelligence, as well as virtual and augmented reality.

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User experience is less of a job title, and more of a purpose comprising multiple disciplines. It is a multifaceted area, all centred around a single principle:

human-centred design.

There will typically be thousands of design roles advertised on SEEK, and hundreds of ads looking specifically for UX and UI specialists, across New Zealand.

With UX being a hot career to take up in this current climate, you can expect a good salary — especially if taking on a lead role. UX careers also offer both flexibility and stability, allowing you to choose between permanent, contract, in-house, and agency work. Do you want something to get passionate about and invest your time and passions into a long-term project, or churn and burn through a variety of projects that interest you?

If you are a multi-skilled “technical creative” type, you are in demand. Many UX roles straddle the line between technical and creative. Design is not only visual. A good user experience is built on a strong foundation of insights gathering; knowing how to translate research and data into specific user interactions that align with the business’ goals. This means conducting field studies and surveys, situation-testing, persona mapping, user journey building, and information architecting.

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Oftentimes, the more boxes you tick, the better. Other times, a company may be strictly looking for someone who operates exclusively on one side of the UX spectrum. A specialist. A UI designer will have a very different role to a UX strategist or a UX researcher, despite all sheltering under the UX umbrella. Front-end developers and web designers who specialise in inclusive design may also be categorised as UX designers as web accessibility is often thought to be a basic component of the most basic user experience.